West Indian Cuisine!

While in St Thomas, I took Joshua to a local restaurant downtown, Gladys’ Cafe, so he could get a taste of the West Indian Cuisine.  We got the best compliment us ‘tourists’ could get from our waitress when she asked if we were local due to the food we ordered.  All the other tables around us were getting bacon burgers and were scared at the thought of getting a whole fish, bones and all.  Come on people live a little and embrace the culture!!!!

See how shiny I am... Cooling down from the heat with a Pain Killer!

Conch Fritters... I LOVE CONCH!

Josh's Pan Fried Snapper with fungi and sweet potato, the real white kind

My Pan Fried Ole Wife with fungi and sweet potato... seriously the best fish ever!!!! (aka Trigger Fish)

Cleaning that plate!

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