Tarragon Chicken Saute


Cheers to this meal, one I threw together on a whim.  I had a loose plan in mind.. chicken tenders, tarragon, zucchini, mushrooms, broccolini, and coconut milk.  I was leaning towards baking everything in the oven for lazy cooking but the thought of the oven heating the house led me to keep it on the stovetop.  Tarragon is one of my favorite herbs.  Typically it’s not commonly used due to it’s distinctive and somewhat overpowering flavor.  It doesn’t mix well with a lot of herbs and so I don’t buy it all the time.  But I love anise and anything anise like so for me tarragon is a winner!


As I cooked this dish I debated whether my kids would enjoy it.  Tarragon is not a flavor you can hide and I always use more than enough.  But when I cook a meal I cook enough for us all.  And you know what?  My kids ate and ate and ate.  Three servings each!  The veggies were a hit, the chicken was a hit, and tarragon, well they are my kids so no surprise they do love the distinct flavor.  I grew up on licorice, my brother and I being the ‘weird’ kids who like the black jelly beans, licorice snaps (my favorite), wheels, and pastels.  My grandfather loved all things licorice as does my dad and my uncle.  I guess it’s a Driscoll thing.

Tarragon Chicken Saute

Tarragon Chicken Saute

Tarragon, white wine, and coconut milk create a perfect flavor profile and sauce for this chicken sauté!


  • 1.5 lbs chicken tenders
  • 1 shallot, sliced thin
  • 5 garlic cloves, sliced thin
  • 1 globe zucchini, chopped into 2" pieces (or regular zucchini)
  • 1 bunch broccolini broken down into smaller pieces
  • 8oz crimini mushrooms, sliced
  • 8 sprigs tarragon
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • garlic powder
  • s&p
  • dry white wine
  • 5 oz can coconut cream
  • ghee


  1. Place the flour in a bowl and season with garlic powder, and s&p. Heat up a large skillet over medium heat with a pat of ghee. Dredge each chicken tender with flour, shaking off the excess, and add to the warmed pan.
  2. Meanwhile heat a tablespoon of ghee in another large skillet over medium heat. Add the shallot, garlic, zucchini, broccolini, and mushrooms. Season with s&p and add the tarragon leaves from the sprigs.
  3. Once the chicken tenders have browned on one side, 3-5 minutes, flip over and brown the other side.
  4. The veggies should be about tender crisp at this point. Deglaze the chicken pan (tenders still in it) with a bit of white wine (~1/4 cup). Add the veggies and coconut milk. Allow to simmer another 5 minutes until chicken is fully cooked through and sauce has thickened.
  5. Season with a bit more s&p.

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