My Bolognese Sauce


I had some left over sauce from my Thanksgiving meal and decided to make a vegetarian bolognese sauce.  I never really enjoyed meat sauce but this vegetarian version hit the spot with me.

My Bolognese Sauce

My Bolognese Sauce

Easy vegetarian bolognese with tempeh and mushrooms.


  • Red Sauce
  • Shrooms, sliced thickly
  • Tempeh, crumbled into individual grains
  • Pasta
  • Garlic, chopped
  • Savory
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Pasta


  1. In two skillets heat a small amount of olive oil and add some garlic to each. In one add the mushrooms and in the other the tempeh. Season the shrooms with dried oregano and basil. Season the tempeh with dried oregano, savory, and a decent amount of salt.
  2. Meanwhile cook the pasta.
  3. Once the shrooms are just tender set aside.
  4. Continue to cook the tempeh until it has nicely browned. Also season more if necessary.
  5. Once browned add the jar of red sauce and shrooms to the tempeh. Cook until all the flavors are nicely combined and add a bit of water if necessary.
  6. Serve over pasta and top with pecorino romano.



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