Garden Time

I am SO excited that the warmth is coming.  No more wearing jackets but even more importantly it’s time for veggies!!  Each year we get a little more into it, planting a bit more.  Since we used all the bed space we could last year I figured we should build a raised bed.  All the grass in our yard is trampled and gone (very sad) and it gets full sunlight.  We still have space to BBQ and hang out too!

This past weekend we made it happen.  We bought all our supplies including lots of mushroom compost, vermiculite, and a yard of planters mix soil.  Not only did we build a bed and fill it with our dirt mix, we refreshed the bed digging out roots, adding dirt, and removing/transplanting the plants that were already there.  I also edged the border to clear out some impending grass roots.  Building the bed was simple too.  Our wood was already the right length so we made a box securing it with long screws.  We also layered the bottom with weed barrier attaching it to the wood with nails.  My only fail was I forgot to level the ground beneath it, we were rushing as it was starting to rain.  So I bordered the edge with dirt and rocks.  It’s rained quite a bit since we did this on Sunday, perfect timing if you ask me : )

Bed refreshed and ready to go!

Built Raised Bed, border to keep our cats and neighbor dog out

Soon to be home of awesome veggies

To Be Tomato Home

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