Food is Beautiful

I wanted to share a picture from the appetizer I had at lunch recently.  We ate at Leaf Vegetarian, one of my top lunch spots in Boulder!  They have a small but perfect menu.  I can never seem to order salads at restaurants but this is one of the few places I will.  The Asian Mizuna Salad: wakame seaweed, mizuna, jicama, sugar snaps, bamboo shoots, mung bean sprouts, sesame sweet chili vinaigrette.  It is AWESOME!!!!!  The bamboo shoots are julienned, truly, the only way to eat those things!  But more so it’s the complete experience of all the flavors.  They really are spot on!  So my last meal there was a half order of this salad, a sweet onion tart, some sweet potato fries, and a shrub – their homemade fruit infused apple cider vinegar drink.  I know that sounds intense but I’ve been eyeing them forever so I went for it.  Blueberry shrub.  It was incredible.  In fact I’m going to figure out how to make my own.  It’s something along the lines of letting some fruit and sugar sit in apple cider vinegar creating an intense elixir and then serving it with some sparkling water.  Yeehaw!  Anyway here’s a picture of the sweet onion tart I enjoyed:


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