Escarole, Lentils, Beets, Broccoli, Zucchini…

So with the goodies from our crop share I decided to make soup and a pasta dish…. (all veggies are local)

I have never really cooked with escarole and it seems it is widely used in soup so I decided to give it a try… Escarole and French Green Lentil Soup.  Honestly this is the best soup I have ever made!!!


Soup Ingredients

I first sautéed some chopped onion, chopped garlic, chopped carrot and chopped celery in olive oil.  Once they softened I added a large can of fire roasted tomatoes and let that simmer for a minute to reduce the liquid.  I then added some veggie stock (~6 cups) and the lentils, oh and I added ~1 tbsp dried corriander.  I let them simmer for ~30 minutes and then added the chopped escarole.  I continued to let this simmer for another ~30 minutes or so and served with with parmesan cheese on top!  So easy and SO GOOD!  Escarole completely resembles lettuce in look but in taste and crunch it holds up quite well in soup!  I forgot to take a picture of the head as a whole, but it was beautiful.


Just added the escarole!

For the other half of the meal I made a simple pasta dish.  I sautéed some more chopped garlic and chopped onion in olive oil and then added some zucchini, broccoli, and beets.  The beets gave the dish a beautiful red color.  Once the veggies were softened I added spinach pasta and feta cheese.  Honestly the soup was so good it over took the pasta dish, but none the less the pasta and fresh veggies were still tasty!


Just added the Broccoli and Zucchini


All ingredients!

(Omit the cheese and both dishes are vegan).


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