Egg & Mashed Avocado Toast


Oh breakfast how I have a love hate relationship with you.  It was about two years ago that I made the decision to stop skipping breakfast and to instead eat a protein dense low carb meal everyday.  It took a few weeks to get used to this but I promise you it is an amazing way to start your day!


We all choose our priorities and one of mine is taking care of my body by what I eat.  Something most of do not do.  These days my breakfast sustains me, fuels my body after my early morning (fasted) workout, and prevents any sort of blood sugar spikes.  All of this is part of the ‘love’.  The ‘hate’.. well who doesn’t love french toast, pancakes, and granola.  I can happily admit that I do but these meals do not serve me well.  Not in the least.  This is key for a blood sugar spike to a blood sugar low.  I’m hungry in two hours.  I’m not energized as I know I can be.  I’m also left bloated.  And I really do not like feeling heavy in my stomach.  Of course there are days when I still choose to eat a meal of this.  In the moment it is oh so worth it, but in the end I think maybe it’s not.  And I’m back to my usual for awhile.  It’s a beautiful realization when you discover what really fuels your body and leaves you feeling great.  A journey worth exploring.

Egg & Mashed Avocado Toast

Egg & Mashed Avocado Toast

A yummy breakfast treat! I typically skip the bread (or any high carb) for breakfast but sometimes it's fun to indulge a bit. This is a way better option than french toast or pancakes and just as exciting.


  • hard boiled egg, sliced
  • avocado, lightly mashed
  • tomato, sliced
  • smoked paprika
  • salt, I used black lava sea salt
  • sprouts
  • bread, I used sunflower seed bread


  1. Toast bread if desired.
  2. Layer on mashed avocado, tomato sliced, and hard boiled egg slices. Sprinkle on smoked paprika and salt.


The sunflower seed bread I used is made with whole rye kernels. The slices are thin and dense. It's a German bread. Of course feel free to use whatever bread you prefer.

Serve with smoked salmon for an extra bit of excitement!


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