Colorful Noodle Lunch

I have been eating 2-3 BLT’s a week for lunch for the last few weeks and surprisingly I have yet to tire of them.  In opting to be a bit more wheat conscious I purchased a loaf of spelt bread for my lunches.  Poor choice on my part and I should have seen this coming.  I cannot even begin to explain how frustrated I get when my food doesn’t match my vision.  Crumbly sandwich bread infuriates me.  I know I shouldn’t let something I love, food, get to me in such a way but sometimes it just does.  I can think back to when I first met Josh.  I used to make him many fried egg sandwiches with a runny yolk for breakfast before class.  If somehow the egg flipped wrong and the yolk cracked I’d have a mini freak out and throw the egg in the trash.  What a nut I am!  With two lunches left for the work week I figured I’d get creative.  We had a little left over plain pasta from the previous meal so I sautéed whatever veggies we had and add them to my pasta.  I normally would do this in the morning before work but in saving time I opted to do it right before bed.  Meal prepped, cooked, and cleaned in under 15 minutes!

Onion, Radish, Radish Greens, Carrot, Olive Oil, S&P, Garlic Powder

To sautéed veggies I added some cooked Quinoa Pasta and some sliced Endive

Lastly topped with some fresh grated Pecorino Romano

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