Carrot Cake Frustrations

Happy Birthday Zachie!


Today is our beautiful friend Zachie’s birthday.  Per usual I always make a delicious treat for those I care about on their special day.  Normally I make something I think the person will really like but for Zach I found out what his favorite was: carrot cake.  I’m not going to lie carrot cake and I never seem to get along.  So hearing this was his favorite was not the best news for me.  The last time I made one I had to throw it out (over a year ago) and I haven’t attempted or even considered to attempt again since.  It was an oily gooey mess.  So for the love of my friend I decided to tempt my fate and try again.

I switched my plan up this time and made cupcakes.  I did a little searching online and found a recipe I liked.  There was no way I was going to create my own.  I used a recipe from Simply Recipes.  What appealed to me was the addition of cardamom and orange zest.  So I went ahead and baked them.  I chose to use yellow-d dark brown sugar since it’s what I have and also because it is a refined cane sugar which has the largest percentage of the original molasses content mixed back in.  I also used less cardamom than the recipe called just because.  When I went to measure out my flour I realized I had only 1 cup of spelt flour.  I thought about running to the store but figured I could make due and blended some quick oats into a flour and used that for the last 2 cups.  Of course now the gluten content would be really low but hey it’s me and I have no desire to be precise even when I should.  When I told Josh this he was pretty surprised I winged it after the last failure.  So I filled my cupcake tins and waited impatiently as they baked.  They rose, baked through, and fell a little.  I tasted one just because you never know and they texture was perfect.  Very moist, which was expected due to the sugar switch but not in a bad way.  Yes a victory!

So the next step is to make a delicious cream cheese frosting.  I have done this numerous times in the past and it’s just icing right?  Nothing could go wrong.  Well let me tell you otherwise.  I had my super soft butter which was left out for 4 hours or so and my cream cheese just out of the fridge.  I added them to the mixer and ended up with a curdled mess.  Water separating out and a nasty yellow color.  Seriously I was so upset I wanted to throw the cupcakes across the room.  Just ask Josh.  It’s now after 9pm so there was no softening of more butter or going to the store to by more cream cheese.  I unhappily accepted the loss and did some research to figure out how to make round two work the next day (today).  The butter should be soft but not so soft that it can’t hold its shape.  The cream cheese should also be soft.  Blend the cream cheese first to make sure it’s smooth then add in the butter.  I had a bit of anxiety doing this but it worked and I had my delicious cream cheese frosting.

Lets just hope the next round of carrot cake will come out with no mishaps.  I don’t know what it is about this cake but it always gets me.  And I love it too.  I can bake banana bread, zucchini bread, carrot muffins, ect ect, but just not the cake.  Anyway happy birthday Zachie, only for you my friend!!!


Carrot Cake Cupcakes

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