Bi Bim Bop

Bi Bim Bop served with Miso Soup & Kimchi

There is a little tea house in town called Healing Tea.  Josh and I love this establishment but only seem to think of it on Sundays when they are closed.  Well not this weekend!  They make some amazing tea blends which never fail to leave you feeling good both mentally and physically.  The food is wonderful too.  Very clean distinct flavors and no grease!  Here I ordered beef bi bim bop.  Everyone seems to have their own variation but it’s a bowl of rice topped with numerous veggies, each prepared/pickled in their own way, topped with a fried egg, and some meat.  The 7 grain rice is topped with carrots, cucumber, radish, yellow squash, purple cabbage, spinach, and zucchini.  I love this kind of food and wish it were easy to cook, but having each item prepared separately is a bit time consuming.  The meat was marinated in a mild but flavorful sauce and each bite was extremely tender.  It’s served with some sort of soy sauce blend and chili sauce.  They also make kimchi which is super delicious too.  A bit of spice and fish sauce flavor but nothing overpowering.  I wish I could eat this food every day!

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