Roasted Pepper and Bean Soup

Bean soup cooked in the oven…

  • 1 lb white kidney beans, soaked overnight
  • onion, thinly sliced half moons
  • garlic, ~12 cloves smashed and roughly chopped
  • water & veggie broth
  • serrano pepper
  • carrot
  • celery
  • s&p
  • adobo sauce
  • green pepper
  • red pepper
  • avocado
  • parmesan
  • olive oil

Roasted Peppers

1. Coat the green and red pepper with olive oil and roast in the oven.  The trick is to take them out of the oven and immediately put them in something airtight (paper bag, bowl covered with saran wrap, ect) and leave while the peppers cool.  The steam loosens the skin making the peeling process super easy.  Once cooled, peeled, and deseeded, roughly chop and set aside.

Presoaked beans with onion, garlic, adobo, and serrano. About to go in the oven

2. Wash soaked beans and place them in an oven safe pot, I used my cast iron dutch oven.  Add ~6 cups liquid, I did a mixture of water and veggie broth.  Also add the serrano pepper (I left it whole), onion, garlic, adobo sauce, whole carrot, whole celery stalk, and s&p.  Bake in a 350º oven for at least two hours.  Check to make sure you don’t need to add more liquid, I did.

3. Once beans are tender place pot on stove and remove serrano pepper, carrot, and celery.  Add the roasted peppers and let simmer on the stove for ~15 more minutes to let the pepper flavors mix in.  Adjust seasonings if necessary.

4. Serve with parmesan and avocado.  (Omit the parmesan for a vegan approach)  This was delicious!

Baking the beans gave them a better texture, I definitely recommend it!

Dinner : )

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