Understanding My Food

I am not trained in any specific style of cooking.  I love looking at food pictures, watching cooking shows, reading foodie magazines, and browsing through food blogs.  As you can imagine this gets the juices going and my mind starts flowing with ideas.  I’m not the kind of person who likes to eat the same meals all the time which keeps me inspired to create new recipes.  When it comes time to cook a dish I try not to over think things.  I have a hard time following directions, especially in the kitchen, so recipes really aren’t my friend.  I tend to write a loose concept down and then see where my mood takes me.  Lately I have taken a step back trying to cook in a more simple manner.  I find the true flavors of the main ingredients shine and in the end the meals tend to be healthier.  I eat with my eyes and mouth meaning and I pay plenty of attention to colors and textures.  You may notice I mark meals as vegetarian when they contain non-vegetarian ingredients like chicken bouillon.  This is simply because you can substitute out the meat ingredient for it’s vegetarian counterpart without compromising the dish.

Also I loosely list my ingredients but I’m partial to buying organic and local fruits and vegetables as much as possible.  Yes this can be more expensive but it’s one area we stand strong.  The seafood I buy is always wild caught.  And the meat is always free of antibiotics, organic and pasture raised or grass fed when available.  I do believe our health is very much related to the foods we ingest and the state of our gut.  So we eat minimally processed foods and buy the best quality ingredients we can.  


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