Fried Rice

Another Joshua Post…

This was the best fried-rice in the history of J & C.

Started off by cooking a pot of white-rice and setting it aside covered.


Heated the wok with some toasted sesame oil and pasture butter oil.  Veggies that went into the stir-fry in the order of cooking: chopped white onion, bunch of green onion, head of napa cabbage, whole carrots, and snap peas.  Everything was fresh from the farm except for the white onion.  Cooked the veggies in a sauce of ume plum vinegar, shoyu, honey, and a little cornstarch.


After the veggies were cooked – lots of crunch left – put more butter/oil into the wok and got the party started with the rice.  Cook it until all of the kernels get a little brown, adding a bit of shoyu.


The next part is not in the photos: when the rice is heated a bit, push it up the sides of the wok, so there is an empty space in the middle.  Added two fresh eggs and scrambled until slightly firm.  Then scrambled the eggs with the rice and cooked until lightly crispy.  We decided to put the veggies on top of the finished rice rather than mixing them in.


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