Veggies & Beans with Plantain & Rice

More fresh veggies to cook… the onion and red kale are from my friend Liz’s garden.  It is incredible what she has set up with her roommate; a tennis court sized garden in her back yard!





I initially sautéed one of the onions until soft and added the cooked onion, paprika, oregano, and garlic powder to the rice.  For something different I like to add seasoning to my rice to give it flavor and color while cooking.

I have only made tostones with plantains in the past and decided to boil it this time for something different.  I left the skin on only making a slice down it lengthwise (see picture above).  Depending on the size of the plantain it takes ~40 minutes to cook.  Boiled plantains have a texture resembling a potato and it was pretty delicious!


For the bean portion of the meal I first sautéed some garlic and onion.  I then added the spices: chili powder, coriander, cumin, and oregano.  Once the spices softened I added the red kale.


Once the kale started to cook down I added diced celery and chopped carrot.  I added the aduki beans last after the veggies were pretty much cooked.  I always have to season my beans with a good bit of salt to bring out their flavor and I also added a small amount of vegetable stock.


I heated up some of the green chile sauce last to top the dish with.  Even though the jar said mild it was definitely a bit too spicy for me so I mixed in a bit of sour cream with it to cut the heat and topped the dish with sliced avocado.


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