Two meals by Joshua


Here are two simple but yummy meals Josh made for me…


Curry Turkey Sausage Pasta with Sautéed Spinach

Sausage Pasta

Whole Foods had some curry turkey sausages so we decided to try them for something different.  Josh took the meat out of the casings and sautéed it along with some carrot, garlic, and onion in some olive oil.  The sausage definitely had some heat to it but it was a nice change.  The pasta was quinoa spaghetti and he topped the dish with some fresh grated pecorino romano.  Since the dish wasn’t overly veggie filled he also sautéed a bit of spinach from the farmer’s market on the side.

Spinach and Curry Turkey Sausage Pasta


Elk Sirloin, Purple Mashed Potatoes & Broccolini

Purple Mashed Potatoes, Broccolini, Elk

Josh cooks a lot like my parents do.  His meals always remind me of the ones I ate growing up.  This is a good thing, well balanced including some sort of green or salad.  For whatever reason I tend to cook meals that contain everything in one pot.  I guess I find it easier but to Josh cooking each part separately is easier. The elk sirloin he marinated in Newman’s Own italian dressing and then cooked it on a skillet.  The broccolini he steamed in our bamboo steamer.  The purple potatoes he boiled and mashed with some Garlic Gold nuggets, Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk, s&p, and a pat of butter.  He topped them with some garlic chives from our garden!  Elk is ridiculously tender, I highly suggest trying it if you have not.  We also had a small salad topped with some chickweed and our first fresh strawberry both coming from our garden .

Salad with strawberry and chickweed from our garden :)

Thanks Joshua!

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