Tomato Heaven



Home Grown Caprese

I absolutely love garden tomatoes.  We’ve had a pretty good year with harvesting this summer.  I could do without the cherry tomatoes but Josh loves them so we grow them.  But every time I pick a cup or so of them I just think how I wish they were some delicious large variety.  I go for the melt in your mouth effect.  Josh goes for the pop in your mouth effect.  Anyway here’s a caprese meal we indulged in.  A little salt, black pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and basil.  Each in our own combination.  I skipped the home grown basil and black pepper, Josh skipped the balsamic.  The dark tomatoes are heirloom Cherokee blacks, the lighter are German pinks.  Both incredibly delicious in their own way!

Happiness on a plate


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