The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg (at altitude)

Creamy Yellow Center with no Green Ring!

I grew up enjoying hard boiled eggs, whether plain, deviled, or in salad.  Within the last two years I have developed somewhat of a distaste to my egg salad.  I rarely make it and every time I do, I end up telling myself never again.  The texture of both the white and yolk and the tastes weren’t quite right.  My method was always to cover the eggs in water and boil for a bit.  I guess I thought you couldn’t over cook an egg when making egg salad.  Well let me tell you, I was wrong!  In the past I have noticed the green ring that is present around the yolk, but until now I never paid any mind to it.  This discoloration comes from the reaction of iron in the egg yolk and sulfur in the egg white.  When heated, the two can combine to make green-gray ferrous sulfide and hydrogen sulfide gas.

The other day I asked Josh to make me some hard boiled eggs, with the intention of eating them plain.  He, having less experience with boiling eggs than me, decided to do some research online.  It seems everyone’s method is basically the same but each with their own quirks.  We went simple.  At 5,430 feet elevation we placed the eggs in a pan, just covered them with water, and added a bit of salt.  Over high heat we brought the water to a boil and immediately removed from heat and covered the pan for 17 minutes.  Once the time was up we put the eggs in ice water to stop the cooking and minimize the iron-sulfur reaction.  The result was perfect.  The yolks were creamy and there was no green circle.

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