Beef Tacos


beef tacos


I’m not sure why but tacos seemed to have slipped my mind when it comes to making easy but delicious dinners.  I grew up on tacos and it was a meal that always pleased the whole family.  My brother was all about the two bite taco, yes that means eating a taco in 2 bites.  Something to amuse himself and definitely not amuse my parents.  Growing up I always preferred soft shell tacos to hard shells.  They didn’t crack or fall apart as easily.  I have a slight, actually large, problem with getting my hands dirty while eating.  My favorite filling was always shredded chicken.  How the tables have turned!  Chicken doesn’t really do it for me these days and due to my wheat awareness I prefer corn, particularly blue corn hard shell tacos.  I can handle the hard shell tacos now since I have a method.  This may sound a bit funny but I have numerous methods for dealing with different foods.  Josh always laughs when I tell them to him, but hey I’m the one who can eat a piece of tangerine whole and spit out the seeds without chewing any or using my hands.  But anyway back to the tacos.  If you place the cheese first into the taco shell and then the filling on top the cheese melts and holds the base of the taco together.  I’m not saying your taco won’t still crack or fall apart, it just helps your cause out.

For this meal I made a ground beef filling, Christine styled, adding a can of diced roasted green chiles and a can of sliced black olives.  Josh was intrigued by this and quite satisfied once he tasted it, “These are the best taco’s I’ve ever had.”  Not that I believe him or anything.  I have heard this line about my food many many times before.  I think it’s more a situation of him being super hungry for dinner and of course my food is delicious so both combined makes it really hit the spot for him.  These were pretty awesome tacos, but when are tacos not?


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 can chopped green chiles
  • 1 can sliced black olives, drained
  • 1/2 onion chopped
  • chili powder
  • oregano
  • s&whitep
  • olive oil
  • chopped lettuce
  • grated cheddar
  • avocado
  • salsa
  • blue corn hard taco shells


1. Heat a little olive oil in a skillet over medium heat.  Once hot add the onion and sauté until they start to turn translucent.

2. Next add the ground beef, breaking it up with your cooking utensil.  Once it has mostly browned season with s&p.  Add the chili powder and oregano.  Per usual I didn’t measure out my spices, but I’d say I used at least a 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder and about half as much oregano.  Turn heat to low and simmer meat.

3. While meat is simmering chop lettuce, grate cheese, slice avocado, and cook tacos in the oven according to box.

4. Lastly add the black olives to the ground meat, taste test, season more if necessary, and simmer for a few more minutes.

5. Assemble tacos and serve with some salsa.  I used Frontera Mango Key Lime.  It may sound weird but it’s soooooo good!

Sorry for the lack of pictures with this post.  It takes a lot of effort to take good pictures with the lack of good lighting and space in my kitchen and on this night I felt like being lazy.


Since I cooked a pound of ground beef we had leftovers so I made myself a taco salad for lunch.  Here’s the base and I added some corn chips and mango lime salsa when I went to eat.




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