Starting the week out right: Raw Buckwheat Cereal

Raw Buckwheat Cereal

I have posted this recipe in the recent past but I wanted to again to remind everyone to try this recipe.  I have been eating a lot of eggs for breakfast and have decided to switch it up and have a hard boiled egg for a mid morning snack so I can enjoy this cereal for breakfast.  I normally add a chopped fresh banana to it.  And some nuts if I’m in the mood.

My last batch turned out a bit sweeter than I would have liked.  Of course this is because I don’t measure anything.  So this one I decided to sweeten with some of my Grams peach jam.  It turned out amazing.  As you can see I made plenty for both Josh and I to enjoy all week.  All I added to the soaked buckwheat was unsweetened vanilla almond milk, peach jam, and cinnamon; peach pie for breakfast!  I blended it in the blender until creamy and smooth.  I probably soaked about 3 cups of raw buckwheat groats, more than normal but Josh always wants my food so I made enough for us both this time.

Try this for real.  The raw buckwheat lends an earthy flavor but nothing too bitter or overpowering.  And of course you can flavor it as you desire.  For the original recipe click here.  Have a great week everyone!

Peach Pie Buckwheat Cereal

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