Spaghetti Squash as Pasta

Spaghetti Squash Success!!!

I finally found the trick to cooking spaghetti squash.  Every time it’s always a bit too watery or mushy for me and I get discouraged from enjoying a meal I love!

The key is to cook it whole.  Bake it in a 350° oven for 30 minutes or until a knife goes through with some but not much resistance.  I let mine cool for 15 minutes before slicing open and I noticed it continued to cook a bit while cooling on the counter.

Baked Squash

For the sauce I used a bunch of leftovers:

  • Vegetable Tomato Sauce (from a jar)
  • Tofu Masala (from Whole Foods prepared section)
  • Mushrooms (from Whole Foods prepared section)
  • Red Onion (previously grilled by me)
  • Onion (raw)

I sautéed the raw onion in some olive oil and added the tofu, mushroom, and grilled onion.

Veggies and Tofu

I next added the sauce and simmered for a bit to let the flavors mix.  The Whole Foods prepared foods (mushroom and tofu) each had their own spices and went surprisingly well with the tomato sauce.  Nothing fancy but definitely good… we enjoyed this over the spaghetti squash topped with parmesan.


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