Short Rib Beef Stew


Short Rib Stew


As I’ve mentioned before I’m gearing up to start cooking roasts.  Since I’m not completely confident in this feat I’ve recently made a few meals following recipes.  This one was definitely worth posting.  We all know I’m not a fan of using recipes, well more so following instructions, but so far things have been working out.  I try not to cook really fatty meats but this recipe caught my eye.  I do love short ribs and so does Josh.  I haven’t made them in the last year and a half so I figured it was worth the try.  This meal was wonderful.  I downscaled the recipe a bit as I didn’t think we needed 4 lbs of meat between the two of us.  It calls for brown ale and I was sure to use one I love, Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale.  The recipe called for hot paprika and smoked paprika.  I have Hungarian paprika and smoked paprika so I used those.  For root vegetables I bought celeriac, turnip, and carrot.  The celeriac was my favorite of the three and I almost wish I used just that.  This is an easy meal to throw together and definitely worth a try.


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Short Rib Stew



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