Salmon Salad


I can finally say it’s officially summer.  The warm weather has set in!  Lots of outside time with the kids.  Playing at splash pads, going to playgrounds, having picnics, and playing in our yard.  We are loving it!  And the garden is really starting to come in (insert happy dance).  It felt like spring was never going to end for a moment there.  The rain just kept on coming.  We are still having bits here and there but just enough to cool things down and keep the moisture in the ground.

As we are all enjoying the outside time meals are becoming simpler and lighter.  It’s entirely too hot to spend much time cooking or eating dense foods.  And this salad is perfect for these summer days.  Fresh greens from our garden, toasted pecans, blueberries, carrots, and cucumbers.  Topped with a piece of grilled salmon.  A meal that comes together in 15 minutes.  Perfect!

Salmon Salad

Salmon Salad

A fresh green salad topped with a fillet of grilled salmon. Top quality salmon is essential for this recipe. There is no marinade for the flavor to hide behind. We buy ours from a vendor at the farmer's market, wild Alaskan salmon. It does not disappoint!


  • 6-8 oz fillet of salmon (1 per person)
  • greens
  • pecans
  • blueberries
  • shredded carrots
  • cucumber, chopped
  • vinegar (I used pear cranberry white balsamic)
  • olive oil
  • s&p


  1. Heat grill.
  2. Coat salmon fillets in olive oil and season with s&p. Set aside.
  3. Heat a skillet over medium low heat and add the pecans. Toast until lightly browned and fragrant.
  4. Wash and chop greens.
  5. Place greens in bowls and top with toasted pecans, blueberries, carrots, and cucumber.
  6. In a small mason jar add vinegar, olive oil, s&p. Shake well to combine.
  7. Cook salmon on a hot grill a few minutes on each side, covered. Every grill is different but we do about 4 minutes skin side down and flip for another 3 minutes.
  8. Toss salads with dressing and top with salmon filet.


I've been on a specialty balsamic vinegar kick, but don't hesitate to use plain balsamic or white balsamic instead. I don't measure my ingredients but I would say I use a 1:1 - 1:2 ratio of vinegar to oil. I like the vinegar flavor to really come through. For a milder flavor start with 1:3 vinegar to olive oil.

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