Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Birthday Joshua!


What a project!  I have been slowly coming into wanting to bake bread and make doughs but they do require patience and time.  This was Josh’s birthday dessert and I wanted to go all out for him.  I figured with it being fall it would be nice to make something with pumpkin.  So pumpkin cinnamon rolls were it.  I did plenty of recipe searching online.  I thought about making a yeast free dough and also a pumpkin filling rather than a pumpkin dough, but in the end I went with the pumpkin yeast dough.  I baked off a local pie pumpkin to use, no canned stuff for this dessert.  I strained it for 6 hours or so before making the dough but less than a teaspoon of water came out.  It wasn’t watery but still more wet than a can of pumpkin.  This was why I decided to make a pumpkin dough rather than filling.  I could always add more flour to make sure it was dry enough (which I did) rather than have a too wet filling to roll in the dough.  I didn’t run into any problems with making these but they were time consuming.  I prepared the rolls the afternoon/night before so all I had to do was let them sit out of the fridge for an hour before baking for breakfast.  This proved to be an excellent idea!  Otherwise I would have had to get up at 3am to have them ready by 10am.  My dough rose nicely but it’s cold so it took the full 3 hours to double in size.  These were a delicious sweet success.  The recipe I used is from the kitchn blog and you can click here for the recipe.  I liked the no-knead part!  My shape was nothing nearly as organized or pretty as the ones on the blog but they tasted amazing none-the-less.  Here is the picture slide show from the adventure.  By the end my back started to hurt from spending so much time in the kitchen so my pictures were a bit sloppy.  What can you do?

Proofing the yeast

Milk, Butter, and Sugar cooling down enough not to kill the yeast

Spelt flour added

Shaggy ball of dough

3 hours later, dough has doubled in size

Making the filling

1st half of the dough rolled out, I just used my hands

Topped with filling and toasted pecans

'Rolled'... ha this was the fun part! I definitely could use a bit of experience working with dough

Sloppily in to pan #1

2nd half of the dough rolled out and topped with filling and pecans. Notice how I used much more flour this time..

This equaled a much better roll!

Yet still a sloppy transfer

But they baked to perfection!

And then were topped with a glaze (not pictured)

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Nancy

    Absolutely gorgeous! I told you that you have what it takes to be a great baker. This was quite ambitious but the result was well worth it. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. What a delicious way to start off Josh’s birthday.

  2. Megan K

    I have never liked cinnamon rolls, even though I’m a cinnamon fanatic, because they are always too sweet.. This pumpkin addition has my curiousity peaked however!! Love the spelt and toasted pecans..I believe I will be attempting this next week over holiday break :-)

    Great idea Christine <3 Megan

  3. shteyndl Post author

    I’m not a huge cinnamon roll fan myself, but the pumpkin was an awesome addition. You can always skip the glaze to lessen the sweetness and also use less of the filling too. My favorite part was the bread bites with minimal of the sugar. Let me know how they turn out mama!


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