Pesto Pasta & Salad




Every now and then I’m inspired to eat salad.  I guess last night was one of those nights.  I saw a beautiful head of red butter leaf lettuce at the store the other day and it was calling my name.  It’s my favorite lettuce by far especially when fresh.  Delicate but crispy.  So I quickly tossed together a salad containing the head of lettuce, a red d’anjou pear, avocado, and the rest of the garlic dill goat cheese from the previous post.  For the dressing I used olive oil and vinegar.  But not just any olive oil and vinegar.  Both came from Oliverde, the olive oil hojiblanca (previous post) and the balsamic was blueberry flavored.  The store has a huge selection of flavored balsamic vinegars and we tried a bunch of them.  Most were good but nothing you’d actually want to buy.  But the blueberry, WOW, it was incredible.  Seriously tasted like wild blueberries.  So needless to say this salad was right up my alley.


Pesto Pasta


For the pasta I kept it simple, remember I’m trying to make meals with minimal prep.  I rehydrated some sundried tomatoes in a bit of olive oil over super low heat and added some frozen peas.  I tossed this mixture with some store bought pesto and  a box of cooked quinoa shells.  Tasty, easy, and satisfying.  I love pasta.  I know it’s not the best food to eat but it is definitely one of my favorite foods.  If only it were as good for you as grains.



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