My Thanksgiving Contribution: Short Ribs

Local Beef BBQ Short Ribs

I’ll spare you the details from my Thanksgiving week, but I will say I was quite sick with a stomach virus.  For some reason my body decided to cooperate Thursday and I was able to make a little food.  This being said I opted to make short ribs in the crock pot.  My original intent was to make Korean short ribs, but I switched gears to keep it super super easy as I had minimal energy.  Everyone is supposed to think about what they are thankful for on this day and by the way I was feeling I wasn’t thankful for all that much other than the improvement from how I felt the day before.  Well long story short I ended up getting really sick again and my true feelings of thankfullness didn’t come to me until the weekend.  We all need to purge at times in one way or another.  I am thankful for a week of purging.  Physically it was an awful experience, but the aftermath was wonderful.  My clarity came spiritually and mentally.  I have been in overdrive the last few months and have forgotten to slow down and appreciate what’s around me, my fiancé, my cats, my home, and myself.  This being said I feel wonderful and am looking forward to spending the holiday and new year with my family surrounded by those I love!

  • Short Ribs
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Flour (Spelt)
  • S&P
  • Oil

The short ribs came from the Farmer’s Market.  I originally wanted buffalo but there was none so we opted for beef.  The cows were shaggy and local!  I was going to make a BBQ sauce, but then thought this is something I don’t normally make and isn’t that why there are a million different BBQ sauces in the store.  So we went to Whole Foods asked the meat department for a recommendation and came home with Austin’s Own BBQ Sauce.  Definitely a good choice, the sauce was a perfect balance between the vinegar and the sweet.  And medium was the way to go.  A bit of spice but nothing overwhelming in the least!  I highly recommend this sauce.

BBQ Sauce

1. Trim any excess fat off the meat.

Cleaned Meat

2. Place some flour in a bag along with some s&p.  Add the meat and shake.  In a large skillet heat up some oil (not olive oil).  Shake off any excess flour and add the meat a few pieces at a time.  Brown on all sides.  Browning the meat helps seal in the flavor of the beef itself so it doesn’t get lost in the sauce from stewing for so long.

Browning the Meat

3. Place the browned meat in a crock pot and cover with the BBQ sauce.  If needed add a bit of water, I used about 1/4 cup.

Ready to Cook

4. Cook on low for 8 hours.  When it is done the meat will fall right off the bone.  Super delicious!

This one’s for you Nan :)

M&C, BBQ Spare Ribs, Mashed Potatoes, Greens & Beet Salad!

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