The Fixings

    Tons of fresh mint growing in the garden, so what better way to use it up than an afternoon of mojitos!

    • Fresh Mint
    • Lime Juice
    • Powdered Sugar
    • Frozen Blackberries
    • Rum
    • Club Soda
    • Ice

    Mortar and Pestle the fresh mint and powdered sugar.  I didn’t measure anything, but I did use a ton of mint!  Once the leaves are broken down add some lime juice.  Stick your finger in and taste the mix, you don’t want it too sweet!

    Add some frozen blackberries to the bottom of a cup and top with some of the mint mixture.

    Fill the glasses with ice.

    Add a shot or two of rum.

    Top off with club soda.

    Garnish with a few more mint leaves.

    The key is to have a straw to smash the blackberries to release their flavor while drinking!

    Mojito Time

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