Jovial Pasta

jovial pasta


Josh recently spotted a new gluten free pasta being stocked throughout Boulder, jovial.  I’m always up for trying a new brand and I must say this one is definitely a winner.  I tend to prefer the quinoa pasta over the rice for texture purposes but I always wish the quinoa pasta wasn’t made with corn.  I’m happy to have finally found the pasta.  The ingredients are as straight forward as they should be: organic brown rice flour and water.  When cooked the texture holds up better than any other rice pasta we’ve tried.  Minimal to no gumminess and the pasta stayed in tact.  I do recommend rinsing the pasta but this is standard procedure for most if not all gluten free pastas.  The taste is pleasant and comparable to standard wheat pastas.  You can tell this product is made by Italians.  The company is pretty awesome too.  Launched in 2010 jovial is dedicated to healthy and green living.  Their packaging is sustainable: made of recycled contents, are recyclable, and any of the packaging that looks like it’s made of plastic is really made from wood pulp = compostable.  For those who follow a severely diet restricted, all of their gluten free products are made in a gluten, casein, egg, tree nut, and peanut free facility.  And lastly jovial pasta is also kosher!  What more can you ask for?  I highly recommend trying this product and supporting a company who cares about how their product impacts both your body and the environment.


Broccoli & Pea Pesto Pasta


Be sure to check out their other products too!  They have both a gluten and gluten free line.  I have tried their fig fruit filled gluten free cookies and also their ginger spice einkorn cookies.  I only have positive things to say so far!

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