Guinness Corned Beef

I grew up with a St Patrick’s Day tradition of boiled corned beef with carrots, potatoes, and cabbage.  I loved it.  Especially the corned beef sandwich in my lunch the next day.  I think there is something special about a unique meal for a yearly occasion, a family tradition of fun creating many memories.  Along with the main meal my mom would make festive shamrock cookies with green icing.  Taking inspiration from my childhood I have decided to pass on many of the same traditions to Cia.

Last year for Cia’s first St Patrick’s day my brother was in town and cooked us a meal of boiled corned beef with potatoes and carrots.  It was a special weekend as it was the first time he met Cia Louise.  We missed him this year!

 I’ve always thought about cooking corned beef in Guinness so I decided this is the year for it.  I kept it simple using my crock pot so I didn’t have to stay around the house all afternoon.  I bought Whole Food’s corned beef which is brined and cured for some time.  It comes with a layer of seasonings on top.  I placed the cut of meat in my crock pot and topped it with a can of Guinness.  That’s it!  I let it cook all day, 12 hours.  The end result was moist and flavorful.  For the veggies I opted for non-traditional sides.  I didn’t want to cook them with the corn beef and have the entire meal flavored of Guinness.  I made mashed potatoes with sour cream and fresh chives, and orange juice glazed carrots and parsnips.  Everything turned out delicious.  I also bought a loaf of Irish soda bread, perfect to finish the meal off.

Or Cia Louise’s case a perfect start to her meal..

 Cheers to family traditions!

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