Grilled Pita Pizza

We are making the most of our grill before it gets too cold!

Grilled pita topped with baba ganoush and/or pesto, chopped grilled veggies, and feta!  You can omit the feta and make this vegan.


Corn, Yellow Zucchini, Onion, Bell Peppers, Eggplant

Eggplant: We grilled our eggplant whole to make baba ganoush, but cover the skin in oil first to prevent it from splitting.  I forgot to do this and ended up peeling off the burnt/split skin and grilling it down on a piece of foil.  Worked just as well, but not as easy.  You want to grill it until the eggplant deflates and it’s just soft ‘meat’.  We made this with friends and they contributed a whole eggplant which I coated with oil and grilled properly.

Corn: I pulled down the husks, removed all the silks, and put the husks back in place before grilling.  Grill until the husks are charred and corn is soft.  I then sliced it off the cob.

Yellow Zucchini: Sliced, coated in olive oil and Josh’s Salt Seasoning.  Grilled until soft.  We also had a large italian zucchini contributed by friends which we cooked this way too.

Peppers: I coated them with olive oil and grilled until skin was black.  I then placed the peppers in an air tight wax bag to cool = skin peels off easily.

Onion: Peeled, sliced in half, and coated with olive oil.  Grilled until translucent and slightly charred!

Baba Ganoush: Josh made this for us.  We opted not to use the food processor and he whisked it instead.  He added our Tahini Dressing, olive oil, paprika, and salt to the eggplant!

Pesto: Traditional pesto made by a friend.

Pita: Coat each side with olive oil and grill until firm and crunchy.


Some of the Chopped Grilled Veggies


Some of the Baba Ganoush


Pizza! (half with pesto and half with baba ganoush)

While cooking we enjoyed strawberry margaritas.  I used fresh squeezed lime juice, homemade simple syrup, fresh squeezed orange juice, frozen strawberries, ice, and tequila.  These were pretty delicious!

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