Grilled Beet & Kamut Salad

I’m not too pleased with the quality of pictures with this meal but it’s a perfect summer dish and I wanted to share…

I have only recently started eating kamut and have had wonderful results with it.  In the research I’ve done I’ve read it is both acceptable and unacceptable for gluten-free diets.  For me, a person with some degree of sensitivity I seem to have no reaction to kamut.  In my opinion it is body specific between those it bothers and those it doesn’t.

Raw Kamut

Some info from the internet:

“Kamut brand grain is an ancient relative of modern durum wheat and originated in the Fertile Crescent of the Old World thousands of years ago.  After a long period of oblivion, this grain was rediscovered and has now found an important place in contemporary diets.  Superior in both taste and nutrition, it can be substituted for common wheat with great success.  Kamut brand wheat has a rich, buttery flavor, with normally 20-40% more protein, a higher profile of amino acids, lipids, vitamins and minerals, and is easily digestible.  A hard amber spring variety with a huge humpbacked kernel, it grows best in most regions where durum is traditionally cultivated.  This grain is unscathed by modern plant breeding programs which have sacrificed flavor and nutrition for higher yields dependent upon large amounts of synthetic agricultural inputs.

Because of the inherent sweetness of kamut grain, (referred to by some as “the sweet wheat”) no sugar is required to hide the subtle bitterness associated with most wheats and whole wheat products.  Kamut has great texture and nutritional qualities.

The complete nutritional analysis of kamut brand grain substantiates that it is higher in energy than other wheats.  Compared to common wheat, it is higher in eight of nine minerals, such as magnesium and zinc.  It has been found to contain much more of the natural antioxidant selenium and is 30% higher in the similarly important vitamin E.  The grain also contains up to 65% more amino acids and boasts more lipids and fatty acids.  The most striking superiority of kamut brand wheat is found in its protein level, up to 40% higher than the national average for wheat.  Because of its higher percentage of lipids, which produce more energy in the body than carbohydrates, kamut brand wheat can be described as a high energy grain.”

Beet Salad

I chose to make this vegan mainly because I forgot to buy goat cheese.  I felt great after eating this meal, definitely a good-for-your-body kind of salad!

  • bunch of beets and greens, mine were from the market
  • 2 ears of raw corn, cut off the cob
  • 1 cup kamut, cooked in a pressure cooker
  • green onion, mine were local
  • olive oil
  • s&p
  • pesto/balsamic vinegar (something to marinate beets with)

I forgot to marinate the beets except for about an hour before grilling so I just used a bit of olive oil and ~2 T pesto.

1. Prepare beets: cut off greens except for about 1″ of stem and cut off most of the root leaving also about 1″.  Clean beat of dirt and marinate for awhile.

2. Cook kamut, I use a pressure cooker for convenience.  No soaking and less cooking time!

3. Slice corn off cobs and mix with kamut.

3. Once ready to cook beets, grill bulbs for ~45 minutes.  I tend to grill mine close to the outer edge so they cook slowly without burning.  Beets are done once a knife goes through easily.

4. Next grill green onion and beet greens.  Toss lightly in olive oil and grill for just a couple of minutes until just lightly charred.

5. Peel the beets, the skin should slide right off.  Then chop beets, beet greens, and onion.  Add to kamut.  Toss with olive oil and s&p.

(Cooking a whole onion on the grill or roasting a bulb of garlic would be a great addition to this)

Beet Greens, Green Onion, Kamut & Corn

Beets fresh off the grill

Peeled Beets

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