This was Nan’s going away breakfast.  A nice meal to hold you over for part of a day of flying without sitting too heavy in your stomach.

: )

Frittata is an easy breakfast to make for anyone.  I sautéed onion in butter and after ~5 minutes added some kale, S&P.  I let the kale cook down for awhile so their would be no bitterness.  Once done I removed the onion and kale from the skillet and added 5 eggs whipped with half and half (because I had it).  I placed the onions and kale on top of eggs, and topped with tomato slices and cheese slices.  I did remove the tomato seeds from the tomato as I didn’t want the liquid in the eggs.  I then broiled the eggs until they were nicely browned on top and set.  We enjoyed this with tea, some more of Nan’s bread, avocado, my homemade plum jam, and some fresh fruit.

Nan we truly enjoyed your visit and look forward to the next one!

2 thoughts on “Frittata

  1. Liz

    I just have to say that you are an amazing cook. I am envious of your dedication to your cooking and I truly appreciate the cuisines from all around the world that you choose. I have shifted to ceramic world, although I did make a carrot, lentil, cashew soup today. It is delicious and may be the easiest dish to make, takes about 20 minutes and your done. Simultaneously I made a pumpkin corn bread for an early thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow.

    P.S. It is rather difficult to look at this while I am hungry and it being 3:50 am. Not a good time to start cooking.

    P.P.S Do you have any recipes for persimmons???


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