Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos!

Josh and I love us some fish tacos!  Seriously!  We opted for the hard shell this time to change it up.  I tend to favor soft tacos (both corn and wheat) but lately the hard corn have been doing the trick.  For the fish we used tilapia.  It’s hard getting good fish in Boulder, obviously, since we are land locked.  There are plenty of nice cuts of wild caught fish $20+ per pound but we try to keep it in budget.  So this being said we only have a few options.  One of them is Whole Foods farms seafood.  They have the strictest standards in the industry.  And in fact only Whole Foods Market’s standards prohibit added hormones for farm-raised tilapia.  They also prohibit the common industry practice of using the hormone methyl testosterone to reverse the sex of tilapia.  They let the fish reproduce naturally and then separate the males and females by hand and raise them in separate ponds.  Go Whole Foods!

We seasoned the fish with a creole seasoning and blackened it on the stove.  Josh made a sour cream sauce with cumin and lime juice.  He also made a red cabbage salad with cilantro, lime juice, lime zest, and s&p.  Easy to make and delicious to eat.

Antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide free fish!

Onions and Garlic sautéing away

Cabbage salad marinating a bit

Grated smoked black pepper cheddar

Onions and Garlic about done

Tilapia creole seasoned

Tilapia cooked!

Sour Cream sauce

Onions done

Fish done

And time to eat!

Fish Taco Recipe

  • tilapia
  • creole seasoning
  • onion, chopped
  • garlic, minced
  • red cabbage, shredded
  • cilantro, chopped
  • lime, zest and juice
  • s&p
  • sour cream
  • cumin powder
  • smoked black pepper cheddar (or any other cheese you’d like), grated
  • corn tacos
  • salsa, to serve
  • fresh oregano, to serve
  • avocado, to serve
  1. In a saucepan heat up a bit of olive oil and add the onion and garlic.  Cook over low heat until caramelized.
  2. Meanwhile make the cabbage salad by adding cilantro, lime juice, lime zest, and s&p to some shredded red cabbage.  Make this early so it can sit for a bit.
  3. Make sour cream sauce.  Using a immersion blender, blend some sour cream with cumin and lime juice.  If needed add a bit of water to reach desired consistency.
  4. Once onions and garlic are removed from pan add seasoned fish.  Cook each side a few minutes until blackened.  Then lightly crumble.
  5. Cook corn tacos.
  6. Assemble and enjoy

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