Just a quick post about some eggs I received from Pear Tree Farm (located in Longmont, CO) for free.  I am currently gardening and the owner of the property was present when my coworkers gardened her property and she gave them a dozen eggs.  Six of those eggs were passed on to me.  I did sprinkle some paprika on the eggs but you can still see the vibrant yolk color.  Local eggs are far superior in texture and taste.  Never rubbery and always light and fluffy.  When frying my eggs I tend to break the yolks so they spread into the egg white…


3 thoughts on “EGGS

  1. artsygirl52

    Lovely! I visited a friend in Oregon a few years ago and she always had fresh, organic eggs right from her property. I was amazed at the difference between fresh/organic and the commercial variety. At first, I almost turned my nose up at her scrambled eggs and then I realized the sadness in that our society really buys in to the commercialized, mass volume food. So many people don’t realize the true taste something is supposed to have.

  2. shteyndl Post author

    I agree and here in Boulder numerous households have their own chickens. It makes me happy to think there is a movement within American promoting localism and self reliance! There are also numerous books available including City Chicks by Patricia Foreman which I am looking forward to reading!


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