Clam & Pesto Pasta

Clam Pasta

I love clams!!!  Josh made this dinner for me.  We opted to go lazy and buy a jar of pesto, this brand was pretty good!

Pesto, Quinoa Pasta, Clams

1) Cook broccolini and chopped onion in olive oil, seasoned with the pesto.

Broccolini & Onion

2. Prepare clam mixture: clams (drained), fresh herbs, s&p, salt.

Clams, Garlic, Herb Mixture

3. After veggies are cooked and removed from skillet add the clams.  Heat through.

Clam Mixture

4. Meanwhile the pasta should have been cooking… mix with pesto and pecorino romano cheese.

5. Assemble… pasta topped with veggies and clams.

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