Beet & Kamut along with an Egg

This was avoid going to the grocery store dinner


We had some already cooked kamut in the fridge and I added to it a beet, the only vegetable in the house, literally!

I sliced the beet into bite sized pieces and sautéed it in some olive oil for about 10 minutes.  Then I added some water, and let that cook into the beets so they would soften.  I seasoned the beet with salt and pepper.  Once tender I added the kamut and heated it through, seasoning a bit more.

We ate this with a soft boiled egg.  The altitude really changes things around and it took a couple tries before the whites were completely cooked through!


Kamut and Beet

One thought on “Beet & Kamut along with an Egg

  1. Hannah

    Hi shteyndl,

    Loved this recipe blog! Looks delicious! I haven’t seen a beet/kamut combo yet! I actually represent the PR section of Kamut International. I have been on the hunt for some good fan pics of our great grain! It would be great if you emailed that for our “Faces of Kamut” contest! Its our first contest and we just want to see our fans using Kamut any way they want! We are giving away a pretty awesome goodie basket. If you are interested feel free to follow this link to our FB page!!/event.php?eid=106620109373189&index=1

    Hope to see you there



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