Baked Mushrooms & Wild Rice With Spinach & Radish

The Farmers Market had another new mushroom to me this past week; Maitake Mushrooms.  These mushrooms grow in clusters at the base of trees, particulary oaks.  Commonly known among English speakers as Sheep’s Headmushroom, Ram’s Head mushroom or Hen of the Woods, in Japan it is called “Maitake,” which, literally translated, means “dancing mushroom”.  These mushrooms have a firm spongy texture and do not lose their shape or flavor when cooked.  Also I am not sure why but we were advised not to eat them raw.


celery, slivered almonds, cherries, onion, garlic scabes, radish, maitakes


cooked wild rice

I decided to cook some wild rice and then bake it in a casserole dish with chopped maitake mushrooms, sautéed chopped onion and diced garlic scabes, slivered almonds, dried cherries, olive oil, S&P, and fresh oregano.


wild rice with shrooms, onion, almonds, cherries, and celery

Ready to be baked

I do not like raw radish so I chopped and sautéed them in butter and olive oil with diced onion and a garlic scapes.  I will do this method again but next time I’ll slice the radish into thin rounds so it takes on the flavor of the onion and garlic more.  Once the radishes were close to being cooked I deglazed the skillet with some white wine.


sautéed radish

Lastly I sautéed a bunch of local spinach given to us for free : ) to serve the wild rice on.  I used the pan the radishes were cooked in and didn’t add any seasonings.



This meal was one of my favorites… I love wild rice!!


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