Bacon & Tofu skillet


I know I know bacon and tofu in the same dish isn’t something you see everyday.  But here me out.  I wanted to make a one pot skillet with mushrooms, spinach, and bacon.  This sounds delicious but personally I prefer a bit more protein in my meal.  My typical addition would be to use chicken but I’ve filled my poultry quota in my meal planning for the week.  The next best option was baked tofu.  I love the texture of baked tofu and it was the perfect balance for this one pot meal!!

Bacon & Tofu skillet

Yield: 2 servings

Bacon & Tofu skillet

A simple one pot skillet! Bacon, baked tofu, mushrooms, and turnip greens. Simple and delicious. Because just about everything with bacon is delicious!!


  • 1/4 lb thick sliced bacon, I used WF savory smoked (a bit too salty for my tastes)
  • 10 oz sliced crimini mushrooms
  • 6 oz baked tofu, savory flavored
  • bunch of greens, I used turnip fresh from the farmer's market
  • smoked paprika
  • garlic powder
  • s&p


  1. In a large skillet place bacon slices in a single layer and render out fat over low-medium heat. Cook 8+ minutes flipping occasionally until lightly browned desired crispiness is achieved. Set bacon aside.
  2. Drain off most of the grease leaving a light coating in the pan.
  3. Turn up the heat to medium and add the sliced mushrooms and tofu (chopped).
  4. Season with a bit of smoked paprika, garlic powder, and s&p. My bacon was salty so I skipped the salt.
  5. Add greens and continue to cook until they are wilted and any liquid from the greens and mushrooms has cooked off.


Feel free to use whatever greens you prefer. Spinach, kale, beet greens, turnip greens, etc.. Just be aware of cooking times. Spinach cooks really fast compared to heartier greens which will take a few minutes longer to soften and release their bitter flavor.


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