Asparagus, Tortelloni, & Endive


It’s winter, it gets dark early, and I work into dinner hour.  We recently changed/updated our house, which was way overdue, and the new setup is feeling pretty great.  Home is always a place of comfort for Josh and I probably more to us than most.  We put a lot of energy into our space.  All this being said the combination of winter and home creates thoughts of comfort food.  And when I think of comfort food I think of butter and cheese.  Luckily here I didn’t use any extra cheese and kept the butter to a reasonable minimum.  I figure the side of asparagus balances out the butter :)


1. Steam asparagus.  First cut off ends, wash, and drain.  Using a bamboo steamer cook the asparagus until just tender.  This takes 5-10 minutes so don’t forget about them.  (I don’t mind mine room temperature so I cooked these first.)

Steamed Asparagus

2. Chop onion and endive.

3. In a skillet melt a chunk of butter.  Next add the onion and cook for a few minutes.

Butter and Onion

4. To the onion add the endive.

Endive Added

5. Season the endive and onion with s&p and parsley.

Seasoned with s&p and parsley

6. Meanwhile the tortellini should be cooking.  Once al dente drain and add to the onions and endive.  Mix well, season more if necessary.

Tortellini Added

7. Serve with the asparagus!

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