Arugula & Baba Ganoush Fritatta!

This was the best frittata I’ve ever made!

I sautéed some chopped garlic in butter and added the arugula.  Once completely wilted, I removed the arugula and chopped it.  I then added 5 eggs whipped with milk to the skillet (I still had some left over milk otherwise I would have used a substitute).  To the eggs I added back the chopped arugula, some left over baba ganoush, tomato, and grated cheese.  I let this cook on the stove top for ~5 minutes.  I then broiled it until the top was brown and middle was cooked through.


Frittata Fresh Out Of The Oven

As you can see the frittata is very light and fluffy…


Served With A Slice of Sourdough Bread!

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