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Bragg: Ginger & Sesame Dressing, Liquid Aminos, and 24 Herbs/Spices Seasoning

Last night’s dinner was loosely organized and sort of just came together.  An elk burger patty, a side of okra, and a side of steamed kale.  It wasn’t until we had already started cooking that I realized each of the three parts all contained some sort of Bragg product.  I’m not going to lie the website is a bit much at first.  I can remember showing it to my parents about 4 years ago and I know they were thinking I was a bit off my rocker.  But as I have slowly been gaining momentum on my health conscious path, the information I have shared from the Bragg website doesn’t seem so far fetched to them anymore.  I like to believe Americans are starting to finally wake up and see the false truths this country is running on nutritionally, i.e. fake food!  The FDA to me is such a sad state of affairs.  Who would have thought huge corporations could buy their way into the food industry even though their products are directly linked to cancer?  It makes me a bit sick to the stomach to think these thoughts and read up on them.  Come on America, how can we believe it’s ok to eat GMO foods or even foods that contain nothing but synthetic crap.  To me it’s pretty simple.  What you put in your body gives you energy.  So wouldn’t it make sense to eat foods coming from the earth, the energy source?  Yes yes everything in moderation so go ahead and enjoy your little treat here and there, but this should be enough to show you the difference with how you feel after eating ‘real’ food verses ‘fake’ food.  If we could all tune in and listen to our bodies a bit more we’d realize what we require and desire to be healthy and strong.  Advertising, money, politics, and pharmaceutical drugs have desensitized us in many many ways.  So bringing me back to Bragg products what I love about them so much is they are live foods.  We all know how much I love apple cider vinegar, and the liquid aminos contain 16 amino acids!  (I’m not going to detail each product as the website does a much better job.)  Check out what Patricia Bragg has to say and before you just right off her ideas let them resonate with you and see what your internal truth has to say.

Steamed Kale tossed with Bragg Sesame Ginger Dressing and a bit of s&p

Frozen Okra sautéed in olive oil with onion and Bragg Sprinkle

Elk Patties seasoned with Worcestershire Sauce and Bragg Liquid Aminos

Delicious Bragg Seasoned Dinner

Everything was pretty simple!


KALE:  Steam in a bamboo steamer for 5 minutes until bright green.  Toss with Bragg Sesame and Ginger dressing.  I massaged it with my hand so each leave was fully flavored.  Season a bit more with some s&p.


OKRA:  Heat up some olive oil in a skillet and add some chopped onion.  Cook until browned and tender.  Add Bragg Sprinkle and frozen okra.  Mix well add a splash or two of water and cook until okra is tender.


ELK PATTY:  Marinate raw patties with some Worcestershire sauce (I used Annie’s) and Bragg Liquid Aminos.  Cook on a skillet and top with cheese with if you’d like (I did).  Once cooked add a few sprays of Bragg Liquid Aminos to serve.

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