Roasted Baby Artichoke Salad

Roasted Baby Artichoke Salad

Baby artichokes are delicious but honestly I think I prefer the large ones.  Everyone says there is not as much work with the babies but I’m not sure I agree.  You still have to peel it down to the tender leaves (which is a pain), still need to cover them in lemon juice so they don’t brown, and of course you still need to cook them.  They are a great salad topper though!

Baby Artichokes Ready to Roast

1. Preheat oven to 400°.

2. Prepare the artichokes.  First slice off the base.  Next peel off  leaves until you get to ones that are half yellow half green; these are tender enough to eat once cooked.  Halve each of the baby artichokes and immediately cover in lemon juice or place in a bowl of water with lemon juice added.  Once all the artichokes are prepared place them in a large casserole dish.  Add some garlic gold nuggets, s&p, and enough olive oil to thoroughly coat.  Mix well.  Bake in a 400° for ~15 minutes.  Mine took 20 but I have known them to cook faster so keep an eye on your after 10 minutes.

One of our beautifully cooked eggs... No dark circle around the yolk!!!

3. Meanwhile hard boil your egg(s).  I have previously posted how to make the perfect hard boiled egg… link.

4. Chop romaine hearts and place in your salad bowl.

5. Top lettuce with a small amount of shredded pepper jack cheese.

6. Slice tomato into wedges, salt, and set aside.


7. Once the artichokes are done remove from the oven and toss with pecorino romano.  Let cool before adding to salad.

8. Chop hard boiled egg.

9. Toast rye bread and coat with a thin layer of olive oil.

10. Assemble salad..  Add artichokes to lettuce and top with tomatoes.  Add dressing.  Lastly top with hard boiled egg and season with s&p.

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